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The Brea Chamber of Commerce is committed to informing the business community about legislation and regulation that could potentially harm them. Ensuring the prosperity of our local businesses and economy benefits everyone in the community. The Chamber is here to serve as your eyes and ears in Sacramento and Washington D.C. while your eyes and ears are on your bottom line.

Economic growth stems from the ability for businesses to succeed and prosper, which is why the Chamber supports a regulatory climate that enables the balance between the consumer needs and environmental issues. With minimum wage rising, health care cost growing and the workers compensation system abusing our local employers, now is the time for our local business community to work together. The Brea Chamber of Commerce can help voice your opinion. Together, we can improve the state’s economic environment and stop legislation that impedes business development.

Cal Chamber has released their list of 2012 Job Killers, pieces of legislation that will make California an even less business friendly environment. For a complete list of these bills click here.

Visit our Legislation Page for a complete list of bills the Brea Chamber of Commerce is tracking.

Click here or on our Take Action Now tab to let your local legislators know how you feel about these or any other issues.