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Ballot Propositions

The state of California has a system of direct democracy, leading to an inevitable slate of ballot propositions at nearly every election cycle.  A ballot proposition has the potential to affect every business and organization in the state depending on this issue. Because ballot propositions can be so powerful, the Brea Chamber of Commerce is committed to keeping its member well informed on propositions that may affect our local business community.

The Brea Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting propositions that encourage a strong business economy. Supporting economic development and informing our members of potentially harmful regulations is the key to the success of business. In California, virtually anyone can put an initiative or referendum on the ballot; therefore there are many costly mandates and obstacles to avoid. The Chamber is here to educate the business community about propositions that may hinder their success.

Visit the Secretary of State Website for more information on all ballot measures.

Below is a list of ballot measures the Chamber is tracking, check back frequently, as measures will qualify for the ballot at different times.


State Ballot Propositions

Local Measures